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With HANKO you are able to offer your users the security and convenience of password-less authentication. Get your website or app ready for a future without passwords. Our framework is currently in the making and is expected to be available in late 2017.
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The HANKO Authentication Framework (HAF) consists of a FIDO (fast identity online) UAF server, multiple server SDKs for all major platforms and FIDO-compatible authenticator apps for iOS and Android.


Using our FIDO UAF server guarantees maximum flexibility and scalability for your authentication system. It enables authentication with all FIDO certified methods and devices as well as out-of-band authentication supported by our mobile app or app SDKs. HANKO can be adapted to new requirements with minimal effort. You determine the guidelines according to which your users should be authenticated.


With multiple SDKs for various platforms, we make sure that the HAF can be integrated into your website, app or your authentication system without any expert knowledge. No matter on which development stack you rely on, Hanko provides you with sample code, tutorials, and documentation for integrating the HAF easily into your system.


HANKO does not only provide the SDKs for the integration into your services but also offers authenticator apps for Android and iOS. If you do not have your own app, but want to offer your users the security and convenience of a password-less authentication on non-FIDO-ready devices, our authenticator apps are just the right choice for you.

Through HANKO your users benefit from the security and convenience of a standardized, password-less authentication method. Microsoft has by now implemented the FIDO standard with the EDGE browser under Windows 10. More and more Android smartphones are already natively FIDO-ready. Do not miss the boat and prepare yourself now for the password-less future.

Commitment to Fido Standards

HANKO fully relies on the standards developed by the FIDO Alliance. The FIDO specifications enable an interoperable ecosystem of hardware-, mobile- and biometrics-based authenticators for strong authentication. As many other well-known organizations, HANKO is a FIDO Alliance member.


User Experience

Improve the user experience of your website or app. Your users authenticate themselves by using biometric characteristics or a locally stored PIN. Never again must they come up with, enter, remember or forget and restore a password. HANKO offers your users secure multi-factor authentication (MFA) without the necessity of having to carry an extra token with them. Optimize conversion and usage rates of your services. HANKO dissolves the contradictoriness between security and convenience in the context of authentication.


HANKO enables secure multi-factor authentication (MFA) via a challenge-response protocol with PKI key pairs. Only when a user authenticates himself locally on his device, a challenge is signed with the private key securely stored inside the key store of the device and sent back to the server. Central storage of hashed passwords becomes obsolete and attacks on your server might remain without major consequences. HANKO simplifies the adaptation of strong authentication by offering high usability.

Ready for the future

HANKO is based on the UAF protocol released by the FIDO alliance. The UAF protocol is an industry standard for password-less authentication. Considering the companies that have joined this alliance (Google, ARM, Alibaba, Intel, Microsoft, Paypal, MasterCard, VISA, Samsung and many more), it is expected to be very likely that the FIDO standard will establish itself in the coming years and will replace authentication with passwords. By using FIDO UAF standards, we ensure that the authentication with HANKO will also work with future generations of devices. In addition, you benefit from the native support of the FIDO UAF protocol in future hardware as well as from the rapid adoption of new technologies for authentication (e.g., face, iris, or palm vein recognition).

Password-less today

For authentication via HANKO, your users do not have to mandatorily convert to a FIDO-ready device. With HANKO your users may also authenticate themselves on non-FIDO-ready devices via push notification on their smartphone (out-of-band). For this you only have to integrate our SDK into your app or your users authenticate themselves directly via our HANKO authenticator app (branded or white label). Out-of-band authentication is also recommended if your users authenticate themselves password-less on a public device, but do not want to leave their private key on this very device.

Use Cases

B2B SaaS

Integrity, availability, and confidentiality of their stored data are a top priority for your customers? Improve security and user experience of your application and increase confidence, satisfaction and productivity of your customers.

B2C SaaS

Whether it is gaming, social networking, communication or cloud storage: consumers have a right to security and convenience. Improve the user experience of your users and thus the conversion and usage rates of your web-based application.


Minimize exit rates in your check-out process and benefit from a better conversion and more satisfied customers.


Make online banking, mobile payment or electronic trading more secure and comfortable for your users. HANKO also secures the transactions of your users (secure display / WYSIWYS).


Protect the sensitive health data of your users with a method which offers more security than authentication by passwords.


From Idea to Product.

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    Spring 2015

    The Vision

    "We make passwords obsolete!" – This was our vision when we started in spring of 2015 to work on HANKO. An initial market analysis shows that existing solutions still rely on passwords as the first authentication factor or have other weaknesses.

  • Working on Hanko


    First Steps

    The first prototypes of the authenticator app and HANKO server are being developed. We prove that our concept of password-less authentication works. The first product idea is born during this time.

  • Fido Alliance Seminar Berlin

    Spring 2016

    Verifying the Product Idea

    We visit the FIDO alliance seminar in Berlin and decide to fully rely on FIDO for the realization of HANKO. Our product idea is getting more and more specific and the need for an on-demand FIDO solution is being verified.

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    Until now

    Product Development

    Our first objective is the official FIDO certification for our HANKO Authentication Framework. We work diligently to complete the implementation of the standard.

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